Barry Davies RCA

Anatomical Studies of Natural History in Bronze Sculpture

International Confederation of Art Critics

Figurative sculptor of bronze statuary and sculptures, embracing modern techniques, perception and presentation, culminating in a unique style.

Anatomical sculpture - bronze lion
Bronze anatomical study of a lion

“Barry Davies, a sculptor able to state the strength of a regal animal as the lion – a spectacular triumph of elegant details and an intrinsic dynamism are the main features of this artwork, homage not only to the world of art, but to the world of nature and its creatures”

Salvatore Russo – Art critic and curator
EA Editore

‘Contemporaries at Uffizi’,
Uffizi Gallery,

Perseus and fame proclaiming the birth of Pegasus’ maquette
Perseus and fame proclaiming the birth of Pegasus’ maquette

Barry Davies – Artist Statement

“My style and concept is to capture a moment of heightened emotion and thought, depicted through contraposto and an active use of space.

The sculpture I create must convey a boldness and dynamic physical presence combined with a sense of movement and exuberance. My passion for studying human and animal anatomy has allowed me to portray an emotional, almost electrifying event through the muscular tensions within a body or a piercing glare in response to surprise. Conversely, I aim to capture a sense of calmness and atmosphere – ‘A moment of Divine contemplation’ in my ‘Joan of Arc’ for example.

When proportioning my work at the design stage, I consistently use ‘Phidias’ golden ratio’ 1 x 1.618 and the ‘Fibonacci sequence’, two discoveries from ancient world and early renaissance respectively, found to be prevalent in nature. A successful sculpture should leave the viewer in awe, extremely difficult to achieve but something to aspire to.”